Mar 17, 2013

There is nothing to do in the desert but read Penthouse and lift weights, an art talk bootleg.

Here is an extremely poor quality bootleg of Trisha Donnelly's talk at MOMA.

Unless you both saw the show she curated at MOMA, curating works from the collection, AND are interested in totally uninteresting art marginalia, I highly suggest use your time elsewhere, or simply relisten to her old moma talk which sustained a pleasant hum that this talk kept dropping with repeated apologies. You can find the old one here or through itunes.

If you are desperately interested maybe just read the synopis:
or listen to Jerry Saltz be as patronizing and asinine as always:

there is really is a hundred things we could list more interesting than watching this talk.
why not look at images of Eliot Porter's Birds included in the show?
listen to Scarlatti:
Listen to Wendy Carlos:
Watch John Whitney's 1975 Arabesque also in poor quality:
Attempt searching for a copy online of any of Robert Rosenblum's 3 audio tours of the 1980 picasso show also held at MOMA, and return it to us.
Update, audio recorded from audio tour into phone is here. (1/3)
(very special thanks to both our reporters in the field.)

This video will barely inform you as to what is happening, the images put up on screen register in the video only as gestures towards images rather than actual depictions.  If you have not seen the show, and even if you have, you will not have any idea what is being spoken about at certain points.

The sound is heavily processed to reduce ambient noise, voices thus sound strange.

The video does not begin until 19minutes after the audio.  The video registers more seats and heads than artist or image.

This is totally for some historical catalog rather than anyone's enjoyment.