Apr 6, 2013

The watchdog, the dilettante, the research, the blog and the drunk uncle culture that binds them; everyone is right, and everyone is wrong: A trainwreck, this this week's cool breeze of AC.

A taxpayer watchdog group has gotten a hold of the BS that are the artist's statements funding 1 million dollars in artist's projects, naturally, they are upset.

Jehra Patrick and Melissa Loop sort of kind of don't want to but really do and so end up doing, dignifying the article with a response, because obviously artists are doing their god given work and he who dare question obviously is philistine, this the lord's work.

Luckily Melissa Loop's blog is there to depict the research.

It's impossible to pick out highlights, you simply have to sort through the BBQ smelling wreckage yourself.

Remember in the end, it's all for this painting: