Jun 8, 2013

Surely you jest; an exercise in misspeaking, a final grasping of inanity, commentary. This, this weeks cool breeze of AC.

A trollbait title describing Chris Larson's newest has led to an eruption, the discrepancy of art; commentators fiend, the Pioneer Press.

 Some St. Paul reader reactions:

--Oh, I see. Burning down a house is better than selling it to someone else. Long live art!!!

--It is amazing the crap people call art. I throw a bunch of it out every day.

--Art to me about creating something.

--I thought this was a post from the onion.

--I am going to bag my next piece of art instead of flushing it where it belongs, send it to him and have it evaluate it as a piece of art.

But the headline:

St. Paul artist plans to build replica of famous architect's house, burn it and call it art

to be sure, there is more: